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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Back in Anti-bio land...

Hi guys, first day out this week and it's to the...doctors surgery! woo hoo While not my favourite venue, it is out non the less and beggers can't be choosers! lol

Coo has an infection so we're back on the Anti-biotics yet again!
We saw a different doctor this time and he seemed very nice, thankfully Coo felt comfortable with him so things went ok.

I'm digging out my hard hat and flak jacket again to cope with the usual seizure increase that always comes along with an infection never mind adding the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories into the mix too.
I think it could be a difficult few days, thank goodness for the seizure alarms, it's times like these they are most useful!

Meanwhile, I'm still battling with the awful cold Coo shared with me too! lol Thank God, I think I'm over the worst of it now and just in time for this latest onslaught!

Wish us luck - I hope you're doing ok where you are and I hope too, you're avoiding the coughs and sneezes!
Maz x

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