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Monday, 24 October 2011

Growing some smiles...

Hi Guys, I saw this and really liked the sentiment so I thought I'd share!

Wouldn't it be nice if, as well as growing veggies, we could grow some sunny smiles too? It's a real nice idea isn't it! I know I'd sure buy some, especially for those grey winter days when it's sometimes hard to stay positive, a bunch of ready made smiles would be just dandy then! lol

Incidently, it's still raining here!
That's rain every day of October so far!

Just like this wee lady here, I'm guessing, I'm gonna have a lot of use for my unbrella too!

Happy thoughts even if it is still raining!

Maz x


wyn said...

Maz, I have given you an award Titled, 'Tell Me About Yourself'. The details are on my blog page.

maz said...

Thank you wyn!
Maz x