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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Carers Conference 2011

Hi Guys, it's been a bit of a busy week this time around!

On Wednesday I left the coast and travelled up to Glasgow for the annual Carers Conference.
It's always a good chance to meet other Carers and hear just what's happening to services in their areas and it seems cuts to day-care service in particular is being hit really hard here in Scotland.
***Now, that is a big worry!
Every Carer I know, desperately needs the precious few hours respite just to help them keep going!

In our caring situation, we don't use day-care services at all so I was not really aware how under threat this service is but I'm going to find out!

Carers Scotland...

I was elected last month so...for the very first time, I'm a fully fledged member of the Carers Scotland Committee! There's a lot of experience and also a lot of enthusiasm and passion within the group so I'm hoping we can successfully channel it all and help Carers get a better deal and make sure their voices are heard! We so deserve it don't we!

Wish me luck!
Maz x

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