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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Paras over the Barras...

Hi Guys, guess what? I've been to the theatre in Glasgow and it was brilliant!
I went with my mum and what a real fun day out it was too!
We saw...
It's a comedy set in Glasgow during wartime and it's one of those shows that's both funny and touching all at the same time!
I really enjoyed it...can you tell? LOL

Coo's still a bit poorly, we're waiting for yet more blood test results. It seems we're either waiting to test or get results these days.
Anyway, our son was at home with Coo as Looby was busy yesterday. I'm so glad things can be sorted and I can get out sometimes as I needed a bit of a time out and a giggle, so did my mum and 'Paras over the Barras' sure did the trick!

Maz x

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