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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Carers care for herbs too...

Hi guys, Coo's been poorly this week, he has a temperature and has been very tired so there's been a lot of seizures.
So, while keeping an eye on things...I've been keeping myself busy pottering around the garden.

After a real nasty start this morning (monsoon style!), this afternoon turned out sunny and bright! woo hoo!
You can probably guess what I've been upto and if not -
Here's a I've been sorting out the new herb bed!
All those seeds I planted earlier and then popped in the green house are at last ready to go it alone in the garden! Yeah!

It's looking good and I think when Coo wakes up, he'll be surprised at the change!

Now, let's hope for some nice sunny weather to help them along a little!
Maz x

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