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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Caring for plants too...

Hi Guys,
I've been planting this week!
Coo's been poorly again, I think it's viral this time so we'll just have to wait it out. He went for more bloods today so I guess the white cells will tell!

Meanwhile with being at home more again this week it's given me a chance to...dig out those wellie boots and sort out the garden!

Well, to make a start at least! lol

Potatoes are all in now and onions too so woo hoo I'm already catching the planting bug for this year! LOL

Hope for some sun and some happy planting!
Maz x


karen said...

Happy Planting. It was very warm a few weeks ago. Than today it is freezing . We have been under freeze warnings all week. I hate it. Where is spring?

maz said...

Karen, I don't know where the spring is either - we've had all the seasons in one day again! LOL

Hope the sun comes back again!
Maz x