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Saturday, 5 February 2011

This weeks trials...

Hi Guys, Coo's been a bit more settled this week so I'm hopeful things are back on the up, well at least a little bit anyway! He had more bloods done on Thursday so we'll see what they say and just take it from there I guess!

I've been slow cooking again this week!
Time's been a bit limited and it's a lot easier to throw things in and just 'leave them be' than it is to take time out to do the watch, stir and take care the pots don't boil over, kinda cooking that usually happens!

It's really a bit of a standing joke in our family, if it can boil over or boil dry, it has done so while I'm making dinner. Now to be fair, sometimes, it's been down to Coo needing a hand but others, I have to admit, are my own fault as I've just been distracted by something else at the time and lost track of time! lol

Lapses in concentration happen to us all especially when we're tired...well, that's my story and I'm sure sticking too it! LOL

I've been busy out Demo-ing too this week!
This week was the 'budget' for our local council so we Carers (who could make it!), were all out with the banners to stand up for ourselves against all the cuts to services.

Looby kept Coo company, while I went to...tear a strip of our local council again!

They are still planning on closing all the local community centres in our area and without these buildings lots of community groups (including my wee Carer support group) will be out on the street with nowhere to meet and no chance of any support!
We've been campaigning all year to get them to see sense and it's been a bit of an uphill struggle so far!
Anyway, it seems we've won a reprieve of sorts. The council has decided to defer any closures for this financial year so the fights not over but at least we're not out on the street...yet.

I guess we live to fight another day!

Hope you are ok where you are too, remember, don't give up just get back up, dust yourself off and keep on fighting!
Maz x

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Anonymous said...

Hello there.
I am just here because my friend maz wanted to know if there were other people called Maz in the world and it turns out that there are other people called Maz so now she won't feel lonely and jump off a cliff into a pit of hungry sharks in order to make the pain of being the only person called Maz go away.

My friend Lembit has been less successful.

However, I found your blog fascinating and exciting and I wish to wish you a wish of the very best wishes from the bottom of my wishing well :D

If we were ever to meet on the street I would clean your feet.

Yours sincerely,

Jesus MKII