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Saturday, 19 February 2011

New gregory pecks...

Hi Guys, I don't know about you but I suspect all Carers are like me and their own health appointments and issues are pretty much on the back burner until they can be fitted in and we really should try harder - well I definately should anyway!

I at last, managed to get for my eye test and guess what? Yet again, I needed new gregory's, Gregory Pecks - Specs that is!lol

Usually I go pretty much for a plastic frame that'll work with just about everything but this time there was a great sale on and...seeing as it was my wedding anniversary this week, well you've guessed it...I treated myself to a designer pair!

I liked these ones straight off and I really liked the price tag too (better than 1/2 price) so I was definately onto a winner! woo-hoo

I didn't realise how trendy these glasses are but I just Googled and found them on the How to look good naked website!

I must be getting trendy in me old age! lol

Just so there's no me, thumbs up from the looking good naked people or not...I'm not sitting here only sporting my new trendy glassed and a smile!
Perish the thought, it is February after all! LOL

If you've got appointments yourself, try and make some time for 'em and remember to look after yourself too!
Maz x

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karen said...

I can't remember the last time I had an eye exam. My glasses are so chewed up they hurt my ears. Yes I chew on my frames. Congrats on the good deal for the fancy frames. They are great.