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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

We're back!

Hi Guys We did decide to go away for a few days!
We went 'travelodge-ing it' and it was great! LOL

Ok, it wasn't abroad or somewhere very exotic but Blackpool sure was fun! We ate ice-cream on the sunny days and drank hot chocolate when it rained - which it did! LOL
I guess a break is kinda what you make it isn't it?

Coo was a bit poorly and slept a lot of the time, at other times he was pretty good so we had a relatively trouble free few days away and I think we've both felt the benefit of that.

What is it they say...a change is as good as a rest! and it kinda is! LOL

Incidently, while we were away we visited Blackpool Zoo and it was brilliant!
I got to tickle a tortoise of all things! LOL ... ...Now doesn't this one look like he's smiling? 1-2-3- Awwwwww!

I'm glad we went, even though Coo wasn't the best health wise, it really was an enjoyable time away!

The sun's back, my plants are growing! My peas and salad taste great and all-in-all I'm feeling pretty much content and smiley so that's a bonus too!

Doesn't the sunshine make for some happy vibes! LOL

Hope you're ok and happy thoughts are sent your way,
maz x

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