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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Up and down again...

Hi Guys, it seems to be a regular thing now, just when you think things are getting a little better - bang! Things take a tumble and you're back to square one again!

We're ok...well I think we are but the last week has been bedlum! Coo's poorly yet again, the sunny weather makes him sleepy and well, you know how it is...anyone with sleep seizures is going to struggle with that aren't they!

The last blood tests were dire - last time they were too high and this time well, they're pretty much on the low side so it's seizure city here!
We're coping and in between times, things are good, no injuries, bumps or lumps so that's a bonus! LOL

In other news
This latest run, couldn't have come at a worse time as it's 'Gala Week' and I've been snowed under with our community events. I guess you can look at it in 2 ways:
* It's so much extra work and I'm shattered with all the extra seizure activity - I just want to sleep...
* It's something different, a change of pace and above all Fun!

Mmmmm, guess what tack I took? LOL
Well here's a clue...

On Sunday it was the Community bus run for 150 people to a huge theme park, singing songs and a silly raffle draw along the way!
On Tuesday we held a Senior citizen's Tea Party with moi in the blue dress, white apron and a big ribbon bow in my hair - well you can't have a Tea Party without Alice can you! LOL The elderly all enjoyed it and the cakes were good too!
On Thursday it was Family Bingo time - fun and games, prizes and tea and buns too!

Last up (thank God!) was our Gala Day on Saturday, the pretty Queen was crowned, the town came and enjoyed a free days entertainment and everyone was happy!

Thank goodness I have looby to help out when Coo's poorly as I just wouldn't have managed it all! It was fun but I'm kinda glad it's all over!
How would I sum things up? Well...I'm tired but happy! LOL

Thinking I could do with a break after all the hustle and bustle of Gala week, I had booked a few days away 'Travelodging' it and in Blackpool no less!
With Coo being so poorly over this last week, we've been pondering if we should still go or not. We're supposed to leave tomorrow morning so I'm going to see how he is overnight and decide in the morning.

A part of me thinks, just go anyway and see how things pan out. I mean it's not abroad so it things do go a bit pear shaped, it won't be the end of the world and on the other hand Coo may settle a bit and everything could work out just fine!

I'll pack anyway and we'll just see what tomorrow brings!
Mean while...
Here's a wee donkey to be going on with!

Remember to take care of you too!

maz x

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