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Saturday, 23 November 2019

Carers Parliament & Summit, Hospitals and proper support

Hi guys, I've been busy again this month and it's been all go!
Hospital hopping...

This week we managed the Ayrshire hospital hop tour - Ayrshire Central with my Dad and then a hop across to both University Ayr and Crosshouse hospitals with Coo. I'm hoping to just stay away from them for a wee while now we've done the tour! Sometimes caring just all comes together with a rush of clinical appointments and so it was this week!

I had to cancel meetings and rearrange care but thankfully we got there in the end!

Sometimes forward planning goes right out the window but working together usually pulls things back on track and proper support makes all the difference in the world as it enables some choice and control so I don't feel overwhelmed by it all and that's changed days!
Carers Parliament...
The Carers Parliament went well.
It's probably the only time where carers from all over Scotland get to come together, speak to those in power who can really make changes (Joe FitzPatrick MSP) was the speaker this time. Carers also share good practice, find out what's happening other places and generally go back and push for better services in there own area! What's not to like?
SDS (self directed support)...
SDS being in place means I can take off up to Edinburgh, stay over and join with other carers at the Parliament knowing Coo is well cared for and just fine at home, previously I just wouldn't have been able to go at all!
The uptake of SDS in relatively low and that's a shame considering all the positives as when it's implemented as intended, really person centred, it can be totally life changing!
Carers Scotland Summit...
Tom Arthur MSP co-convenor of cross-party on carers was the speaker this time.

It seems there's a lot of good work happening but it's not well known by carers in general so we'll need to push for more information filtering through if this is going to work more we did...push I mean!
I truly feel it's only by working together we can really change things for carers!
Stay strong friends

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