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Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Carer poems...

Hi guys, with time spent at home again, I've been in a reflective mood and...with Carers Week upon us, I dug around the blog for my Carer!

Having just received the report from the 'Carers' Parliament 2013' through the post, I've settled on this one, it's the one I wrote and delivered at the first Carers Rally in Edinburgh over five years ago - I can't believe it's been that long!
Check me out in the fetching 'Tartan and high-vis' vest! lol
‘Just a little Peace’

We don’t need any help, we’re managing fine,
Pile it on…pile it on…never look for a sign.
Carers work on with not much of a break,
They continue to care for a loved ones sake.

As the caring goes on and the load does increase,
God send us some respite, just a little peace.
Some time to go walking, kicking leaves in the park,
even just sleeping when everything’s dark.
The caring continues deep into the night,
we struggle and strive and continue to fight.
For help it is out there or so we are told,
but trying to find need to be bold.

Some time for a break, to do something new.
Maybe just sit still and take time for you.
Reading a book or watching a show,
Finish something, not having to go.
As the caring goes on and the load does increase,
God send us some respite, just a little peace.

It’s not easy to spot us, we look just like you.
Carers are working and constantly too.
When others go home at the end of the day,
We still keep on working, minus the pay.
Please listen now, it’s so easy to find,
Yourself as a Carer and stuck in this bind.
Nobody knows how, it just happens unplanned,
as quick as that jar with the small grains of sand.

Heed what we say as we carry on,
caring and struggling way past the dawn.
we know lots of Carers who live in this way,
it’s not what they asked for, this role that they play.

Some time to themselves it’s not much to expect.
It’s down to government and Scottish Exec.
Some help with this task that never seems to cease.
as caring goes on and the load does so increase,
please send them some respite and just a little peace…

It still kinda covers all that I want to say. We've a long way still to go!
Keep strong my friends,

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