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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Carer Struggle & Blogging in the wee small hours...

Hi guys, we're still in anti-bio-land!

It seems like we've never left and blogging in the wee small hours is never a good sign!
It's been a difficult night so far and I'm taking a wee respite over a cuppa and just trying to regroup a little!

Where to start?
Ok, things are pretty dire here.
The chest infection Coo developed over a month ago, is still with us. He's had three courses of antibiotics in five weeks and he's no better! He's had a chest x-ray too - we're waiting on results- but we're really struggling. The seizures are thick and fast, the cough is awful, the phlegm is catching him and he has a bluey tinge to his skin while he's seizing. On the plus side, he's recovering between seizures so we're still ok but it's now getting just a little scary!

Coo doesn't cope well, with hospital admissions and from past experience, out of hours services can't really help - we have the rescue meds and wander/seizure alarms at home so if things can be contained at home, and they usually can, it's easier all around just to keep a lid on it and cope until morning!
I'm so worried, we're headed back into that dark place again with aspiration pneumonia but I'm so very upbeat with Coo, please God it doesn't come to that again!
We'll see our doctor again tomorrow!
The life of a Carer sure is a roller-coaster ride!
Last week was Carers Week and I had a lovely week!
I was out and about, had some fun and some fresh air too and even laughed a lot at a 'Laughter Yoga' session and I'm so glad I did as this week has been so very difficult!

Thank God for SDS (Self Directed Support), I have some Respite in place and can access those little opportunities and chances that are important for me -  lot's of Carers are not so lucky and that's to all our shame!
One thing's for sure, I'd have struggled a whole lot more without proper support and for that I'm eternally grateful.

Stay strong,
Maz x

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