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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Worries, woes and time-outs...

Hi guys, it's been a rough few days here.

Coo has really struggled!
Our grandbaby Jessica was due to have surgery yesterday and we've both found things really stressful over the last few days and to cap it all, Coo's had an increase in seizures to boot!
I had hoped after Jessie's surgery yesterday, things would calm a little but sadly further surgery is required so we're still need deep in seizures and stress for the moment!

We had an unsettled night again, a lot of struggle and eventually gave up on sleep around five this morning. - not so good you'd think but actually it worked out ok!

After a mid-morning nap Coo decided, it was such a beautiful day, he wanted to get out for a wee while on his bike - woo hoo!
We had a great time!
We managed to get to the park and the sun stayed out for us too - result! lol

The park really is a favourite place for us, there's a lovely cafe where the pace is nice and restful so we stop there for a wee cuppa and a seat for a while and take time to gather ourselves together for the return journey! lol

Having our bikes has made such a difference for us. It's so great we were able to use our SDS (Self Directed Support), budget to fund them and what a boon they have been - I feel fitter now than I have in years and that must be a good thing!

I'm glad we got out on our wee bike-ride!
It was just what we both needed - some exercise out in the fresh air, a change of focus from our current worries and a wee while out of the house in the sunshine!
I guess cycling, makes me feel free for just a little while and I suppose that too is good for me!

Coo's been sleepy and seizing since we came back but that's the kind of see-saw lifestyle we have and I guess you have to grab with both hands those little sunny moments when you can!

I hope you've had some wee sunny moments too this week,
Maz x

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