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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

ESA, ATOS and the fight begins...

Hi guys, well it seems, the waiting time is over, we've received a reply from ESA (the Employment and Support or DWP people).

Coo must go for a medical to check he is not fit to work! Now, while this is not totally unexpected, I mean, every day the media is full of people who are clearly disabled and struggling and are assessed as fit to work - it's such a mess and it's all so wrong!
I had hope to avoid this scenario with Coo. God knows, we did all we could to try to stop this happening. We filled in the form fully, shared and disclosed information we really didn't need to by sending comprehensive seizure diaries and copies of both his Social Services assessment of needs and care plan in the hope, this would be enough 'evidence' and...sense would prevail  - but no! We must present Coo (in whatever condition he is currently in!), for assessment by somebody who probably won't understand and...we must jump through the hoops - all over again!

Coo's seizure levels have been spiralling since we recieved the ESA50 form and already it's been a struggle so God alone knows how we will cope with this further ESA onslaught!
The worse thing of all is, it's so very debilitation for both Coo and I, it adds pressure and stress to an already very difficult to manage situation just doesn't work and is all so avoidable!
It's not possible to assess a hidden disability like Coo's in this way!

I honestly feel it's a waste of time, asking Coo if he can walk, talk, hold a pen or take a message is just so ineffective. Far better to access information from both his GP and his Neurologist, the people who truly know how Coo's disability effects every aspect of his life. -
They are the experts not the DWP!
He's not fit to work, he really isn't! Now, the DWP already accept he needs a Carer - they pay me a Carers Allowance (paultry sum mind you but that's a fight for another day!) so with 15 seizures a day on average, continuing complex care needs and input from Social Services via a SDS (Self Directed Support) care package, you'd think the Department of Work & Pensions, could work this out, well...wouldn't you?
I'm so annoyed and disappointed too I guess, I truly thought well, hoped too that sense would prevail and we'd be ok.

We will be ok. We will have to fight yet again but as my granny used to say - 'What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!'
Here's to staying strong!


Prof.AlanFHarrison said...

The page gives much food for thought and it is given due consideration at

Maz said...

Hi, it seems this struggle continues into another year and our media and government's rhetoric has not changed. Disappointingly, they seem to have in fact strengthened their resolve.
It's all so unnecessary and distasteful.
We must stay strong and keep fighting!
Maz x