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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Coughs 'n' sneezes...

Hi guys, coughs and sneezes spread diseases says the old rhymn...

They certainly do!
Coo has a cold, well, at least, I think that's what is wrong!
He's very wheezy and chesty and he has a temperature and there's an increase in sleepiness and seizure activity today. Odds on it's a cold coming! We've doubled up on his inhalers, popped some pills to help with the temperature and have been keeping inside in the warmth for the last few days in the hope things will settle down.

Poor Coo, it's not much fun today for either of us I'm afraid!

Seizures while his lung capacity is compromised are always a worry but when you're poorly, you really need to sleep and with Coo that means yet more seizures! He's been pretty much sleepy and seizing, on and off all day and he's phlegmy too.
The vomiting seizures are back with us tonight - and that's a worry! I honestly find them the scariest of all, especially after the Aspiration Pneumonia of a few years ago, he struggled with that nightmare for months - we both did and it was terrible!

We'll get some bloods done, hopefully tomorrow and check the white cells for infection and...
Just stay positive that things will improve soon!

Just the other day, I remarked to another Carer, that chest infection time was fast approaching but I didn't realise it was actually here with us already!
It really must be Flu jab time soon too!

Never mind, so far I've avoided catching Coo's cold so chin up and onwards and upwards! lol
I hope you're cosy where you are and you're avoiding the cold bugs too!
Maz x


Welsh Poppy said...

We are having our flu jab on the 1st october.

Maz said...

I wish we'd avoided this but hey-ho! We've not recieved any info on Flu jabsd yet so I'll need to chase them up, once we're better that is!
Maz x