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Friday, 11 May 2012

Social Services Review take 2...

Hi guys, we've reached the next stage of review - welcome to the world of... RAS!

For those who have not yet embarked on this path, that's the Resources Allocation System.
It's where your needs are assessed and quantified, well, as best they can be! and  then, an overall figure is reached regarding the care you are going to need and (more importantly) - the finance required to buy it!

Remember the old game shows? Where points make prizes? Well...welcome to RAS!
It's a bit of a crude way of describing the process, but in my view, it's also a  fairly accurate one! The main thing to remember is to look very carefully at your situation and the care you really need! It's not a time to be shy or worry about your dignity too much as every answer recorded affects the amount of your overall budget and ultimately how much 'Care' you can afford, to help you in your daily life!

Reviews are always stressfull. Coo really struggles with them as it's so very difficult to 'open the box' and really tell people just what it's like! He always feels really low afterwards, and I guess he's not alone in this. I mean, who can blame him, when it just looks so dreadful all written down on a form!

We've been lucky this time around, the social services person is also an O.T. (Occupational Therapist) and kinda understands the bigger picture of what things are really like. She asked pertinent questions without seeming to pry too much and Coo has coped  pretty well - thank Goodness!

Now, we just need to wait and see how the budget pans out and hope for what social services call a...positve outcome!

Wish us luck and if you're stuck in the review process too - keep your chin up!
Maz x


Sam at Carewell said...

Hi Maz,

Would really appreciate your views on our new site for carers.

You can contact me to give your feedback at

Best wishes,
Sam Cowley

Maz said...

Hi Sam, had a look at the site and it looks pretty good - lots of info on there!
I'll recommend it to my Carer Group and I've linked it to my blog.
Maz x