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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

On BBC Radio today...

Hi Guys, I've been busy!
It's Carers Week and to help raise awareness...I've been on!

Carers Scotland asked if I would share what it's like being a Carer, mainly to raise awareness of Carer issues and how it really is and...of course...I did! lol
It was the CallKaye show. It's a  BBC Radio Scotland show with Kaye Adams, who's a well known journalist here in Scotland.
...and the topic?

Who Cares for Scotland's Carers?

Well, I thought about it, I'm concious Coo doesn't really like me sharing too much of our lives, but... on balance and with a topic like that, I had to be involved didn't I!

It went well, I was only on the air for the last few minutes but I did pack a lot in! and I'm glad I did decide to do this as it really helps raise the profile of Caring issues in general and, in my book,  that can only ever be a good thing!

I hope by keeping up the pressure and speaking out for Carers, one day, we can all get a better service and the support we so desperately need!

Keep fighting the good fight and don't lose heart, surely better days must be coming soon!
Maz x


cura said...

Hi Maz, i love reading your blogs. i cared for my dad while he fought cancer when i was 14 and now help care for my grandparents. i might be on the radio soon too. was it scary? I have built a free website to help carers called and they want me to talk about it x

Maz said...

Hi there cura! It's wasn't too scary! lol
Just treat it like you're only speaking to another person on the phone!
Works for me! lol

I'll have a wee looky see at your website!
Maz x

your highland buddy said...

Can't believe my best bud was on the radio and I missed it

Maz said...

It went fine! I was only on for a few minutes but you know me - I packed a lot of words in! lol
Maz x