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Thursday, 31 May 2012

RAS Enlightened? err no...not yet!

Hi Guys - we have not reached RAS enlightenment after all!
Our journey has stalled this week!

It seems there's a problem with the way our budget has been calculated and it'll have to be fixed before we move on - a cause for worry? Mmm...not sure!

Unfortunately, Coo is back in stress-city!

He's worryied the budget will come back now at a lower level, and we won't be able to pay for the care we need! and...
How do I feel?
Well, I just hope the care budget doesn't reduce by too much, because as requested, I've already started to plan for the required care needs and outcomes for the coming year!

Let's hope God's with us and it's only a small hic-up and not a full blown review of things yet again!

Here's hoping it all works out, surely we couldn't be that unlucky...Could we? Anyway, our local authority are meeting to discuss things tomorrow so...fingers crossed!

Hope you're living stress free today where you are!
Well, as stress-free as you can be!
Maz x

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