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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Carers & Surviving Christmas...

Hi Guys, well have we all survived ok? I hope so! lol

Christmas is such a challenging time for most Carers isn't it? Well I usually find it that way anyways! lol
It's really nice to be around family, if your lucky enough to be able to get out and join in but sometimes that creates it's own challenges too.
Between the changes in routine and beds 'n' meds times add in the ...

Rich foods and the obligatory chocolate munching that usually accompanies Christmas and I think everybody suffers a little bit don't they and no wonder! lol

One thing though, I never touch alcohol - never really liked the taste much and Coo rarely drinks too as it affects his meds.
He does have the odd beer at this time of year though, and so far it's not done any harm so I think we've done ok!

Coo's been no worse than usual and better than some other Christmas times I can think of, so all-in-all we've survived the Christmas splurge this time around - Woo hoo!

Just new year around the corner and we're home and dry!
I hope you're surviving things too!

Happy Christmas
Maz x

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