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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New year 2012...

Hi guys and a 'Happy New Year' to you! lol

Coo and I have had a good time this week visiting family.
We've had a laugh and it's been fun and that's despite the gales and storms we're still experiencing here on Scotlands blustery west coast!
Look it this...wild or what! lol

I hope the weather improves soon. It's very grey and dark and that really doesn't inspire happy thoughts or help anyone's mood  for that matter. We'd like a nice wee spell of wintery sun, and wouldn't that be good!

This storm sure has caused some havoc!
My wee green-house still badly needs some help and assistance but I've decided not to risk having a go now. I'm waiting it out until the wind has gone and then we'll re-build for spring - just in time for planting - yeah!

Well then, how did 2011 shape up in the end?

Mm...well, it wasn't a brilliant year health-wise, still lot's of seizures for Coo but in recent times, I guess it's not been the worse either so I'm counting my blessings!
I'm hoping it's going to be a hale & hearty year for us all this time around, even a little improvement would be nice for Coo and I!

I've been really busy in 2011 too!

Things were a bit hectic at times, with Caring, campaigning both locally and nationally and the usual appointments and hospital visits that are always on the go!
This year I'm going to re-evaluate just what I realistically can do and set some boundaries - well I'm going to try!
I know, I know...I need to be busy and I'm passionate about Carers issues so I'm going to keep up with the work I've already committed to with the Local Authorities Carer Strategies and personalisation care plans and also Carerscotland. They are important to me and what's more I'm proud to be involved with them and pushing for a better deal for all Carers. God only knows, I sure would be lost without the Direct Payment that enables me to have some sort of time outside caring and I want the same benefits for other Carers and what's wrong with that!

So in our own scots way....'Slainte Mhath'!
You may well ask...Slainte-what?

Well, it's an old Scots toast to Good Health and around here it's pronounced...
'slanj-e- vah' - isn't our language really quirky! lol

Lastly from a not so sunny (more like stormy!) Scotland...

I hope the new year's kind to you wherever you are!
Happy New Year 2012!

Maz x

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