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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Who carers when Carers are ill...

Hi guys, the dreaded has happened! I have a stinker of a cold!

I think it's the same one Coo had the other week and now my system has given up the ghost and fell down with it too- typical!

The weather is terrible too, rain and gale force winds - what a week!
My wee greenhouse has taken a bit of a battering and come to think of it, maybe me running around chasing the roof panels in the wet, has contributed to said stinky cold!
Note to self time, just like Piglet here...let 'em's just not worth getting ill! lol

Anyways, my plant pots are strewn everywhere too so all-in-all our garden looks a sorry sight and it'll just have to keep as there's no way either of us are in good enough shape to sort it out yet!

So I got to thinking, just who does look after the Carers when they're ill? Well, that's a good question isn't it!
I think if you're lucky, family can come help out and if not...well, you're kinda on your own with things and just have to carry on regardless! Now that just isn't fair and I suspect most Carers are in the latter category and need to muddle on as best they can and I think that's easier said than done!

I'm lucky in some respects, as when Coo's awake, he can help out and make the odd cup of tea but then the down-side kicks in as he quickly tires, sleeps and...yes, you've guessed it...seizes. They're never far away that's for sure but at least, between us, we can mostly manage!

I really worry for those Carers where that is not the case and when the Carer is ill, the person they care for is not able to help at all! Who picks up the strings and helps them?
Probably nobody - We need a better system!

My mum and dad popped in just to make sure we were ok, at times like these  I'm kinda glad they only live a few minutes away! We have  a system though as sometimes getting out just isn't an option for Coo and I so the delivery man brings the shopping and if things get really crazy...I'll use some of my Direct Payment holiday and send for Looby!

Meanwhile, we'll just keep cosy indoors and wait it out!
Let's hope this stinky cold goes soon and...normal service can be resumed! lol

Hope you're fairing better in the sniffy and snuffly stakes where you are! lol
Maz x

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