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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Carers look after plants too!

Hi Guys! From the the title, I think you can guess what I've been up to today!
Just like Minnie...
I've been in the garden again pottering about! LOL
The weather has been lovely here, nice and sunny, not too hot but warm enough for T-shirts - woo hoo has summer come?

Remember I asked if the Easter bunny brings greenhouses?
Well, it seems Coo & Looby do! LOL
They popped out for a quick trip and came back with a greenhouse! Woo Hoo!
It's small and really more of a wee 'greenie' than a proper greenhouse but it's great and I love it!
So in between keeping an eye on Coo, who's still struggling a bit, dumping an AED med, I've been keeping myself busy out planting things! LOL

I got a mixed pack of seeds called grow your own Salsa at the local £-shop so it's all peppers, onions, corriander and jalapeno's I think it could, hot, hot!

It's been really cold and wet here recently so I hope the fine weather stays for a bit.
I've so enjoyed the feel of the sun on my face and having a bit of fun with the planting and I think, next, some time propped in a deckchair could be good! LOL

Sunny thoughts wherever you are!
maz x

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