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Monday, 28 December 2009

Carer woes...ho ho ho...

Hi Guys,
Well, we managed to avoid the usual christmas hospital admission but only just!

We had a brilliant day out at Coo's sister Diane's a lovely meal and good company with lots of laughter and everything was going swimmingly!
Over the space of the day, Coo had most of a bottle of de-alcoholized wine (Merlot) thinking he'd be fine as it wasn't alcohol and he seemed to be in great form and perfectly ok...until we got home that is!

His seizures were terrible, every 15 minutes from midnight until five o'clock! Around 3 a.m., I was beginning to think maybe he'd need the hospital after all but things seemed to be getting a bit less aggressive then and he eventually stopped around 5 and slept for a few hours - thank God!
Poor Coo, he thought he'd found the perfect substitute that he could really enjoy with a nice meal!

Anyway, in the morning we both slept late, cuddled up, watched telly and ate chocolate!
...and Coo? he seemed a wee bit shaky and sore but otherwise fine so all's well that ends well!

Just New year to go and guess what?
I don't reckon there'll be any or otherwise!

Then again, Coo thinks it may have been the bowl of cerial he ate late we go again with the 'was it or wasn't it' discussion...

I hope things are more settled where you are!
Take care,
maz x

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