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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Singalong ~ Carers Alphabet...

Hi Guys, I was at the local Carers Centre and my wee Carer group sang a song so here it is...

The Carers Alphabet (tune: The Christmas Alphabet!)

C ~ Is for the Carers standing round the Christmas tree.
H ~ Is for the Hospitals we always have to see.
R ~ Is for the Respite we need but never get.
I ~ Is for the Irate way we feel when needs aren't met.
S ~ Is for the Stress we deal with every day
T ~ Is for the Tension when we can't come out to play.
M ~ Is for the Medicine we administer all day long.
A ~ Is for the Anguish we feel when things go wrong.
S ~ Is for old Santa who helps us to forget...

So be good and you'll find it all,
in your Carers Alphabet!

What do you think? Kinda catchy! LOL
maz x

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