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Monday, 14 December 2009

Social Services 'n' salt dough what a combo!

Hi Guys!
It's been a busy week!
Coo's been up 'n' down like a yoyo, his moods are all over the place and today he has the tell-tale rash that means there's yet again something wrong with his bloods!
We went to get them done today so by Wednesday, we will know for sure.

Mean while - (as if we don't have enough in added stresses!) - Social Services called yesterday to arrange a visit: they want to review Coo's care package.
Now, while I'm not overly concerned as care-wise things have not changed, Coo on the other hand, is in a bit of a state. He doesn't cope well with change and is concerned if they withdraw the help we have now, we'll struggle to cope.
He knows how tired and near burnout I was before!
I understand how he feels.

The Direct Payment care package we have currently, buys me two nights sleep, allows me to keep my one remaining work session and even a few hours out on a Saturday with my!

I know our Local Authority are struggling financially and just hope this isn't an attempt to cut this much needed support!
I have said previously, I don't know how I coped before without this help and would not want to go back to that place again but I'm not going to panic!
It won't help Coo any if he thinks I'm worried so I'm going to wait and see what happens - they're coming tomorrow.

Enough of the gloomy stuff...

In an attempt to take Coo's mind of the meeting, I decided to make some salt dough up to take to our group tonight - we run a wee group for adults with disabilities.

It was brilliant fun, they all had a ball making Christmas Trees, stars and baubles for their own tree at home.
Craft is so good!
Everybody gets in a sticky mess and somehow in the end something pretty is made and everyone's happy! LOL

Coo forgot the meeting tomorrow, we made an assortment of 'decorations' like these
and...there were lots of smiley faces around!

Job's a good'un!

maz x


Robert said...

Diversion therapy always works! I use it all the time.

Your care package should not be affected by your local authority's financial troubles. The national government (or is it the Scottish Assembly for you?) pays your local authority to administer that. They have to follow national guidelines.

Of course, if I was Coo, I'd probably be worrying too!

karen said...

I hope all works out at your meeting. Hospice has been coming for a little over 5 months now and if they stop I will just be lost. Besides them bringing mom diapers,meds,handi wipes and underpads they give her a bath twice a week. Oh I hope you get to keep your help I know what it would be like to lose ours.