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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Back in antibio-land...

Hi guys,
It's hard hat and flap jacket time again!
Coo's back in antibio-land.
We've avoided the dreaded antibiotics for 3 months this time but they've caught up again.
Here was me thinking the latest hassles Coo's experiencing were the last AED (anti epilepsy drug) kicking about his system but no - it's another infection.

It just shows how easy it can be to pin the blame on the wrong thing!
Never mind, at least now he should start to pick up.

I'm glad the sun's come out today as it always makes things feel a bit more positive!
I'm still hopeful we'll get out to the park at some stage this week so let's hope the nice weather lasts for a bit!

Sunshiney thoughts!

maz x

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