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Friday, 10 April 2009

Back on the up...

Hi guys!
Coo's antibiotics are all finished and he seems to be back on the up thank goodness.
The seizures are still here but they're manageable so that's a bit of a bonus too.

I know for most Carers, one holiday period is pretty much the same as another.
Sometimes it can seem like just another day but I do hope you manage to enjoy Easter and at least pig out on some chocolate - I know I will! lol

In fact I've been rather naughty this year - I went to Thorntons
I could not resist one of their Easter eggs!

It was a chocolate and toffee one and the samples were...FAB!
I asked the lady to put both our names on it and if Coo plays his cards right, I just might share! LOL

I'm hopeful we'll get out for a bit over the weekend and guess what?

The sun's out too...woo hoo result!

Let's hope it lasts well at least till Sunday!

Happy Easter Chicks,

maz x


phylgib said...

happy easter love xxxx

Robert said...

I thought I just had a virus but it was cellulitis recurring :(

I had to have a week of antibiotics too. Felling much better now, thank you :)

Hope you get lots of Easter eggs lol!

maz said...

Hi and happy Easter to you too, I hope you ate lots and lots of chocolate!
Thanks for dropping by!

maz x