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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hospital at last...

Hi Guys!

I've been waiting so long for word, I thought they'd forgotten about me!
I've got word to go for day surgery on the 3rd of February.

Let's hope they don't look anything like that lot! LOL
I'm feeling a bit nervy about getting it done but honestly I'll be glad when it's done and I can stop all the pain killers and TENS Machine zapping day and night!

What do you think? is it true what they say?
Carers always need to stay one step ahead and sometimes kinda take a secondary role.
I mean, I got my appointment through and the first thing I did was try and sort out care for Coo as I'll need someone there for at least a week after I have the surgery done.
Thank goodness our daughter Looby is our P.A. and is pretty flexible too.
She'll shuffle some other work comittments and we should be fine!

I'm looking forward to making time to read a good book and some flowers and chocolates, the only up side to being ill at all! LOL

Wish me luck!

maz x

1 comment:

Robert said...

I'm wishing you luck! If we swopped places, I's be sh*tting myself...

And it's true about carers & foerward planning - I have to organise someone to look after/be with/be available by phone for Marie for ANY trip away from home. And that's before I can confirm that I'm going!