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Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy new year...

Hi guys and a 'Blianadh Bha Ur' pronounced like blee anna va ur - Go on have a go!
Scotlands own language seems to be a bit of a tongue-twister doesn't it! LOL

Well, Happy new year in Scots to all and I hope things have been a bit settled and calm for the the Carers out there too.

Having been there myself, I'm always mindful of Carers who can't get out and celebrate Christmas or New year or any other time for that matter!

I always say a wee quiet prayer and think a kind thought at new year and I expect only Carers or others with those kind of responsibilities will know where I'm coming from!

This year, seeing in 2009 was fun for us!

It came in with the bang of party poppers and it's much prefered to other years when Coo's been too unwell to get involved!

We took the 'bells in' at my mums, with our family all around us.
My sister was at home visiting too, she lives in Kent and usually makes the trek home to bring in new year!

There was some singing and dancing and those who enjoy a drop of the hard stuff helped themselves, being a tee-totaller I stuck with the soft drinks and a cuppa!

Coo on the other hand decided, he would have a drink and as it's a bit of a rarity I didn't really object, although we both knew he'd be very drunk, very quickly or extemely under the weather - enough said!!

After announcing, he loved me a thousand and one times, to anyone who would listen...
...then singing and dancing to 80's discoBADLY!
we reckoned he'd partied enough and it was time for a sharp exit! LOL

Anyways after all that giggling and proclaiming love for me, today the only thing he really loves is his bed and some paracetamol!

I think I can safely say our festivities are well and truely over now and guess what?
This year we managed both Christmas and New year without any major crisis points Woo-Hoo!

Things must be looking up for us and I hope they're looking up for you too!

maz x


Robert said...

"Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Duit!"

That's Irish for HNY (yes I know I live in S England, but I'm Irish & proud of it!

Glad your Hogmanay was so enjoyable!

maz said...

Cheers Robert!
hope things are well with you too!

maz x