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Friday, 11 January 2008

Penguin Weather...

Well, it's definately...

Penguin weather here! no wonder they're dancing, it's practically Baltic!!!

We've had a bit of a rough day here.
Coo's been struggling and seizures were coming thick and fast this morning.
Thankfully he's had a bit of a sleep and things seem to have settled a bit so I'm hoping we're over the worst of it now.

Thank God it's a Looby night tonight,looby's our daughter who P.A.'s for us, we use a Direct Payment system so at least I'll sleep even if Coo doesn't and don't that sound selfish!!

Well, I guess you know what I mean!!

On a positive note, it's much easier to stay inside in this icy, wet weather than it is in the lovely sunshine of summer so I suppose that's a bonus of sorts!

Roll on spring!

Bunnies and Easter Eggs!

Now doesn't that make you feel warmer already?

It's working for me!!

maz x

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