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Friday, 4 January 2008

Back in Antibio land again...

Well, I suppose from the title you've guessed it!

It's hard hat and flap jacket time yet again...yes, Coo's back on the Antibiotics!
I kinda knew he would be as he's had an increase in seizures and a cough to boot!

Ah well, at least now things will start to improve a bit and on the plus-side it's too cold to go out anyway!!

I think it'll be homemade soup and keeping cosy for the next few days and with the weather the way it is it'll probably be a bit of a bonus!

Another bright spot!

I'll have time to catch up on some serious DVD watching too.

You keep cosy where you are too!

maz x


Tilly said...

Maz, thank you so much. I am here to offer a reciprocal bear hug!! How are the antibiotics? Antibios are a sort of necessary evil...Don't you wish that the Caribbeam was on prescription?!!!! Txx

maz said...

Hi tilly,

The Anti bios are nearly finished but things are still pretty poor at the minute, though I'm sure they'll settle a bit soon.

Sunny days on prescription?
Hell yes!!I wouldn't say no!! Would you?
Never mind springs coming....
Ever the optomist!

maz x