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Friday, 16 November 2007

Carers Scotland Conference...

Hi all, I've been invited to a conference for Carers in Glasgow on December 5th.

I've sorted out extra care, social Services will add an extra 10 hours care to our Direct Payment that week so I don't need to feel guilty about asking Looby to come stay for the day with Coo.

It's quite a while since I was in the big city!

I think from the information I've recieved it'll be a worth-while day as lots of issues will be covered and I feel I need to go and speak out for those Carers who find it too difficult to get away for a full day.

If you're in Glasgow at the conference maybe I'll see you!

maz x


Robert said...

It will do you good to have a day away - and perhaps assist in helping carers get recognition and meaningful resources.

I used to live in Glasgow and have many fond memories... Of course it's changed a lot since I lived there and the area I spent the most time in (Byers Road) is now a trendy bohemian area.

It may be winter with you but here Autumn is just beginning! The first frost was last night and today is the first cold day (8°, and cloudy too) since the spring. The leaves began dropping off the trees in earnest this week.

Best wishes!

maz said...

cheers Robert!