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Sunday, 12 August 2007

stuck in...

Hi, Coo's been sleepy all day so there's been lots of seizures and to cap it all it's raining again!
Days like this do make me think of other Carers who are stuck in all the time as it must be pretty difficult to cope with.
I'm finding it hard this time, being stuck in for a few days, not sure why as the latter half of last year and the first three months this year, I hardly got out at all.
I guess the Direct Payments are starting to open things up for me and I think once you've managed to get out and about a bit, it's harder to go back again.
Does that make sense?

I'm hopeful Coo will be a bit better tomorrow and we'll get out for a bit and who knows, maybe the sun will come back...let's hope so!!

maz x


Mr Mans Wife said...

Yes, it makes perfect sense. I always seem to find it more difficult to cope with any kind of backward step, even though in the past things may have been far worse and I coped much better. I totally understand what you're saying.

Edward said...

I agree as well, I've been trying to plan things to do for cheap on days that the weathermen say are going to be good, just in case my wife feels up to going out, otherwise sometimes the good weather gets wasted by lack of get and go/planning. Sometimes just going out for a drive is enough for us as the stress of finding really-disabled/wheelchair places can cause more stress than the pleasure of being somewhere - Eurodisney being the optimum example. My wife couldn't go on most rides although website assured differently.
I hope the weather gets better and we have an indian summer.

maz said...

Thank goodness it's not just me who feels a bit'hemmed in' at times.
I too am hoping for a late burst of sunshine in September, it would be nice before the winter sets in again!

maz x