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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Struggles, SDS & Sleep...

Hi guys, what a couple of nights we've had!

Coo was so very poorly and it's been all a bit of a struggle - lot's of seizures coming thick and fast.
I think he was a bit stressed about the upcoming hospital visit with his broken foot and who can blame him for that! Thankfully things began to settle around four o'clock and we did, at last, get a wee sleep.

It never ceases to amaze me how quick Coo bounces back, while I'm still struggling a bit with the aftermath and tired feeling, Coo's absolutely fine, sipping a cuppa and really rather chilled! I don't know how he manages it but I'm so very glad that he does!
Thank goodness for our SDS-
(Self Directed Support) package, this funding allows me some very much needed sleep and...tonight's the night!
Looby will come stay, keep an eye on Coo and I will be blissfully asleep 'till morning! It's so much easier to manage knowing some proper sleep is just around the corner and that's maybe something most people take for granted. I guess it's such a simple, every day thing, that we tend to forget there are so many people, especially Carers who are struggling along with little or no proper rest!
SDS/Personalisation, may well be the answer they're looking for!
Well, I've got some sleep sorted out for tonight but a wee bit sunshine would be really nice too! I'm assured spring has sprung so who knows but I'm not counting on it! lol
Let's hope for some sun or even some sunshiney thoughts!
Maz x


Jayne Egan said...

Sorry to hear Coo has been having a bad time, hope his foot heals fast and his seizures settle for a few days. OOOh sleep, I remember that lol Hubby has a lot of nightmares and wakes me every hour or so and this week I have had 3 nights of it....yawn...groan...Oh well am crossing my fingers for a sleep through tonight. Sending hugs xxx Ginny

Maz said...

Hi Ginny, thanks for popping by! You are so right about sleep, it seems to be the most valuable commodity where Carers are concerned!
I hope you did manage to get some rest Ginny.
Maz x