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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Update: Coo's foot, Carers Scotland, CareNA & SDS Event...

Hi guys, what a week...again!
Coo's foot...
It's been a bit quieter here this week, Coo's foot is still broken - no surprises there! 
The problem is, he can't rest it properly, each time he has a seizure all the limb jerking just makes things worse and with 10-15 seizures a day that's a real tough break - pardon the pun! The hospital did say it'd take four to six weeks to heal so I guess it's just going to be a slow process and on the whole we're coping ok so things could be worse!

Thanks to our SDS (Self Directed Support), even with Coo poorly, I still managed to get out to my meeting this week. It's kinda rare now, that I need to cancel things - what a change from the 'flying by the seat of my pants' lifestyle that used to be the norm!  I'm glad that's changed, it was always so very stressful trying to organise care just to get out and I sure don't miss that!
Carers Scotland...
Anyways, I made it up to Glasgow as planned and it was an interesting meeting too. The government are evaluating the Carer organisations they give funding to and that's fair enough but it was good they asked 'Carers' who are involved and benefit from these charities, what they do, how they've helped and just what they're really like!

Care and Support North Ayrshire...
Tonight's the night for the community portal & website that along with my local authority, I was involved in setting up!
Here's a wee link...CareNA
Will they win? I hope so!
It's a great resource for Carers and the wider community too so fingers crossed!

SDS Event...
I'm taking another few days quietly with Coo for now as next week I'm really busy! I've a wee meeting with Three Towns Carers and our Carer Champion Councillor Steel, on Monday and I'm out training and contributing to a two day event on SDS later in the week.

I think it's important to keep active, involved and to share good practice where I can.
All-in-all it should be an interesting week!
As my granny always said ' it's a good life if you don't weary' so...
Here's to not wearying!
Maz x

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