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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas, SDS, Respite & Time out....

Hi guys and...Happy Christmas!

We've had a lovely time and this year, we successfully avoided the A & E dept. at the local hospital too so... Result! lol
We even managed to take a Respite break, a wee Christmas time-out up to Edinburgh for a few days! Woo hoo
Coo get's very stressed at Christmas. He really struggles with all the hustle and bustle so if we can, I try to break up the Christmas period with a few days away and Edinburgh is so lovely this time of year isn't it!
The whole place was wintery and beautiful. All twinkly and Christmassy and really, just a fun place to spend a wee few days away from all the busy Christmas shopping frenzy!

While away on Respite, we never shop!
I don't think we were in a shop from we left until we came back home! lol I guess that's kinda why we like Edinburgh, there's so much to see and do especially if like us you want to avoid the Christmas shopping and panic buying side of things!
We stayed in the Travelodge in Rose Street - Coo's comfortable visiting there and it's central too so it's a good choice for us. We visited the Christmas Markets in Princes gardens and sipped hot chocolate under the stars mmm! It's such a lovely place to have a wander and just soak up the atmosphere and enjoy all the pretty things all around - love it!

Next up, we visited the... National Museum and we had such a brilliant time!
There's loads to see and do, from stars and space stuff, to natural science and gadgets, it's got the lot and it's all free! How cool is that?
Check me out star gazing - it sure was fun! lol

 We ended our Edinburgh adventure with a visit to the Lyceum Theatre for a wee bit of culture and a sprinkling of Christmas Spirit and feel good factor - we went to see Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' and it was wonderful! Songs, music, a lovely Christmassy story and...snowflakes all around us - it was totally awesome!

We're so grateful to our Local Authority for their support and the SDS (Self Directed Support) funding, which makes much needed, regular, respite breaks like this one possible.

We have both benefited tremendously and are so very impressed with this new way of providing care and support for not only Coo as a disabled person but for both of us!

Our quality of life is so much better.
In difficult times, just knowing funding for Care and Respite is there when we need it makes things a lot less stressful and so much easier to manage.
SDS has made such a positive difference for Coo and I that my Christmas wish is, a hope for all Carers to get the chance to try SDS out for themselves.

Keep strong and take care of you!
Maz x

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