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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 on NHS!

Hi guys, I'm on the case again!
Remember when I posted recently about raising an issue at our NHS annual review? It was regarding the lack of information from NHS on Hip Dysplasia.

The NHS people have not bothered to contact me or update on this issue so...I decided to give them a wee reminder in the hope they will move quicker and in the right direction!

First I contacted Public Health Minister Michael Matheson, (he hosted the review!), just to let him know, I had not yet had any further contact with NHS. Then I emailed the only Health board contact I had and asked for some help tracking down just whom should I be talking with - I'm nothing if not resourceful!

I hope they are taking this issue seriously as with four in every thousand babies born with Hip Dysplasia that's a lot of wee people with hip problems that need checked and if they're like baby Jessie and missed at the start, parents need to know the symptoms and just what to look for!

It would be nice to hear from them soon, one thing's for sure...
I'm not giving up - it's just too important!

Remember just like their logo says the NHS belongs to us all!
If you come across something you're not happy with, particularly if by intervening you can save someone else from pain, take a deep breath and...challenge, challenge, challenge!
Keep strong,
Maz x

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