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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Difficult day, Surgery and Struggles...

Hi guys, it's been a difficult few days here.

Baby Jessie's surgery was yesterday.
Coo struggled to cope with the additional stress and I struggled too with the additional seizure activity but after the wee one's surgery was over, things began to settle so all in all we coped!

I think the angels were with us and I kinda like this wee picture.
I mean, it has my two favourite things in all the world...angels and best china tea-cups - what's not to like! lol

Jessie was in surgery for over six hours, they didn't manage to complete all the work required so she will need yet more surgery at each cast change - every six weeks or so. We're not out of the woods yet but at least the first steps have now been taken and we're hopeful and positive about things!

Looby and Steven coped really well too, on what must have been a difficult day for them. We really wish it wasn't happening at all but it is what it is and I think we're just glad this is now moving and things can start to improve for wee Jessie.

Coo and I will get in to see them all today for a wee while and that in itself should help Coo calm down. It's at times like these, you realise how important family life really is and you kinda hold tightly to the belief things will all be ok!

For anyone else going through this worry too... a huge (((hug)))
Keep strong!
Maz x

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