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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bloods and yet more meds...

Hi guys, it's still a bit of a struggle here I'm afraid but we're hanging on in there!

Coo's still struggling, I thought it was probably a combination of the raised summer temperature and stress - he's still stressing about baby Jessica's up-and-coming surgery. I wasn't overly concerned, it has been a bumpy few days but we've had worse!

Anyhow, he's had a bump during a seizure and his speech was a little slurred so we decided to get his bloods done a week early, just incase! You never know gotta stay one jump ahead!
Turns out, it's not the sunshine or stress, just like these wee frogs we're on a see-saw. Yes, we are indeed, back on that dreaded AED (Anti Epilepsy Drug) see-saw again!

For those who don't know, it's where there's too much drug in your blood stream and you have more seizures or alternatively...the levels are low and - you've guessed it - more seizures! The meds doses will have to be changed to accomodate and the bloods done again in another two weeks - joy!

While we were in with our GP, who's a great guy by the way - don't believe everything you read about NHS doctors!
I mentioned we'd needed to use the Diazepam a few times in the last month, it's only used if Coo's seizures are less than 20 minutes apart and he's struggling.
It's really not the most effective way to cope at such times and probably the local Accident & Emergency is where we should go but Coo is adamant, with seizure problems and the other complications added into the mix and little specialist knowledge at our local hospital, it's the last place he'd choose to be!

If it can be managed successfully at home, it will be and to be fair, it usually is and...we just ride it out and cope!
So, it's been decided to cut the Diazepam now and move onto Midazolam instead. It's a rescue med and supposed to kick-in quicker and work more effectively - well that's the plan and I guess we will see won't we!
In happier news...a wee time out!
Coo perked up this afternoon and as it was warm but not too sunny today, decide it was time for a wee bike ride - woo hoo result - time out! lol
We didn't make it far, just along the road to Looby's house, a wee rest and a cuppa and a wee cycle back home again! I'm glad we went as the time out, exercise and fresh air has done us both the world of good!

A wee while out, can make all the difference in the world, don't you think?
I hope you're able to get a wee time-out too this week!
Maz x

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