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Friday, 30 March 2012

Coo, Caring and Hospital too...

Hi guys, well, after a shaky start, things went ok at the hospital.

Coo was really worried and it was a very difficult day to begin with. While we were waiting, he admitted he very nearly backed out and refused to go through with things. He calmed down a bit and we got through the pre-op session, where he told the nurses he was terrified he'd seize during the operation.
It turns out the anaesthetist had concerns too and in the end it was agreed, Coo was not getting a general anaesthetic at all, it was too risky for him, so he had an epidural spinal injection instead!
   I think everyone was relieved and Coo was delighted at this turn of events as if he didn't need to be asleep well he wouldn't have any seizures would he! We knew there were still risks but it was by far the best option - thank goodness it was possible as I doubt this op would have been otherwise possible!
Now we'll just need to wait for the results!

Never mind...
In the mean time as it's nice and sunny here...we're keeping ourselves busy pottering in the garden!
I love this time of year!

The sunshine sure helps you forget your worries for a wee while and getting back to nature is always good for you, well it works for me anyways! lol

I hope things are as sunny for you too!
Maz x

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