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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hassles in Carer land...

Hi Guys, things have moved on a little with Coo's proposed treatment! We've had some word from the hospital at last!

They've found an anaesthetist who has agreed to treat Coo - thank goodness for that! It's all arranged, he'll get a side room and as before, we'll both go into hospital in little over a week.
I'm glad this has been resolved as we've been a bit stressed wondering "will they-won't they" so at least now we know!

With even more seizure activity due to all the added stress,
I must admit I'll be glad to see this latest hassle resolved too!
Let's hope it's nothing major or we'll be back to square one...again!
Enough of that...let's keep positive here!
Fingers crossed it's a fairly simple thing to sort and then we can all move on!
Well, here's hoping anyways - wish us luck!

 In other news.. Happy Mothers Day!

I've been really lucky this year!
Stevie brought Looby and our wee grand-daughter home for a wee holiday this week so I got to spend Mothers Day with my lovely Looby and the baby! Now that was an unexpected treat! Coo and I have had great fun and had lot's of cuddles with them both! lol

I can't believe how much Jessica's grown she's now 6 weeks old!
She's a wee cutie-pie!
Well I think so but I guess most granny's will think their grand-babies are just gorgeous won't they? LOL

I will miss them, when they go home, luckily it's not for long!

Things sure are feeling a bit more positive here this week and I'm hoping they're just as good for you, where you are too!
Maz x

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