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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Coo's still got a sore arm...

Hi guys, I left for my meeting just after 8 o'clock this morning as planned and that was a bit of a result considering the week we've had!

Coo has knocked his arm again during yet another seizure so Looby was going to the hospital with him...well, that was the plan when I left this morning.
So...what happened?

Well, nothing really!
Coo decided, once he'd got himself awake and together, maybe he'd just leave it for another day and see how things go and Looby thought it best to go with the flow as it were.
In the end, it boils down to is this - it's Coo's arm and it's Coo's choice!

I hope he doesn't knock it again tonight though as it'll only make matters worse.

In other news - My meeting today!

So, how did it go?
Well, it was really interesting!
Our Local Authority is working towards a more personalised approach to providing care for disabled people and that's where my input as a Carer comes in!

It's so very seldom Carers ever get the chance to shape policies that untimately will have an impact on both their life and the person they care for. Even to be involved or have their voices heard at all is unusual so I'm definately up for the challenge - can you tell! LOL

To be fair to our council, the service we buy with our Direct Payment (D.P.)is very effective. I would not willingly be without it now! Those two nights sleep and the few precious hours to myself really make the world of difference to Coo and I.
Things were so very different when we struggled to cope alone before our D.P. began!

Type Direct Payment and click my Search this blog button on the right for more of our D.P. related entries!

I'm passionate about support for Carers!
I know how very different things can be with the right support and what a benefit a good service can be - it saved us big time!

I'm hoping this involvement of Carers, at these early stages in the process, is a good omen of things to come and that their involvement and sharing of experience will lead to better services - now wouldn't that be an achievement!

I've a feeling it won't be easy but it will be worth the effort!
Maz x

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