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Friday, 1 July 2011

Tumbling times...

Hi Guys, things have taken a bit of a tumble here!

Coo's been poorly and he's stressed out too - so yet more seizures are kicking around here right now!
He's had some troubles for a wee while and our doctor referred him to hospital - good you'd think? Well no...not to Coo!

He got the appointment in yesterday, it's for next week and already He's in a major flap about it. We've had major hissy-fits and grumpiness all day and I've been trying to be patient as I know he's upset!

Next, he's had a run-in with our son and that's never a good thing as they're kinda alike and neither really likes backing down - Typical!

Well, he's eventually admitted today, it's not the procedure he's bothered about, it's the fact they want to sedate him that's really stressed him out and now I think about it, if I had sleep seizures all the time, I'd be worried about that too!

So, we're back on the meds we keep for back-up at times such as these, to help calm things down. Poor Coo, I hope they start to kick-in soon!

I'm not really sure how I feel about this latest health problem.
I don't think I've had time to really take it all in yet as I've been too busy pacifying Coo!

What is it they say?
The life of a Carer is never easy?
Well, it's never boring either!

I'm posting a rainbow picture today...

I love rainbows, they make me smile and however stressed I feel, I always find them so very calming!

Let's think some happy thoughts and keep our chins up!
I hope things are more settled where you are!
Maz x


karen said...

sorry things are bad. How are you? You have to take care of yourself so you can care for Coo. I hope everythings turns out good. And your right the rainbow helps. I would like the pot of gold at the end also. Praying.

maz said...

Thanks for the sunny thoughts and the wee prayer Karen!
Maz x

Sapphyre said...

I hope Coo can remain as calm as possible and that things go well in hospital.