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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Hi guys!
Things are a little bit more settled here and Coo's doing much better! Thank goodness for that!
Best of all...the sunshine has made a comeback! Woo hoo!

My pretty Tigerella tomatoes are coming on a treat! They taste really sweet too and are so much better than the shop-bought ones - result! lol

So, how was this week?
Well, basically it's all good! lol
I'm just enjoying the slower pace after last weeks struggles with Coo! I hope things stay settled 'n' sunny for a wee while - I sure could do with the rest! lol

Now, here's a thought...sunny care free days...wouldn't that be nice!
Hold that thought...
I really love this image, it seems to say freedom to me and it always makes me smile even when the sun doesn't shine!

Maz x


Frugaldom said...

Hi Maz, hope you are recovering after last week and that the sun shines on you both this summer.

Glad to hear you're reaping some benefits from your garden. :)

maz said...

Aw Thanks!
Maz x