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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Events Review, Carena, #HSCP Engagement, Aids & Adapts...

Hi guys what a time of it we've had!
Ok, where to start! It's been busy that's for sure!

First up...
The Carena event at the Magnum Centre Irvine...
Coo was well enough to go and I thought he'd like it we went! The plan was to be there around 10 o'clock but after a bad night seizure-wise it was nearer noon but we got there in the end!
So just how was it?
Busy! - over 130 stalls, from community and support groups to services and providers and all working in our own local area, who knew that many were out there all offering services and all basically just wanting to help!
This type of exhibition event is really valuable, especially for Carers as often people just don't know what is out there. Sometimes it's support from a wee local group that offers a few precious hours respite that is really all that's needed and is just enough to make caring easier and keep things going that little bit longer!

The HSCP - (Health & Social Care Partnership) Engagement Event at the Hallmark Hotel Irvine...

Firstly we were late! Coordinating half a dozen Carers from the three towns area over to Irvine was not as easy or as timely as it could have been! lol That said it was great! The members of the Three Towns Carers group who managed to get there (eventually) ranged in ages from early thirties to our Gwen at eighty-four years young! We've all been caring long term so you could say, there was a wealth of experiences to share and...share we did!
Between us we hit most of the work shops, if not all of them and we were pretty vocal on what we wanted from the partnership and just how we felt things should be!
Incidentally Carers have always wanted more joined up services where people and departments 'talk' to one another. Many is the time we have felt like that wee pinball bouncing around each and every way trying to find some help. It was never easy that's for sure! This new partnership way of working has the potential to be different, I guess we shall see!
Our Carers were well impressed with Jim and Annie's 'Fairer Scotland' workshop.
I guess, for most, with the best will in the world, finding yourself in a caring role full-time is not particularly fair! It kinda struck a chord and they really opened up about what is so unfair at the moment and their thoughts on how it could be so much better for Carers - once they started they didn't want to stop and that was just great!

Review of Aids and Adaptations services...
This was totally different!
An appreciative enquiry...Mmmm well, what can I say?
It was different that's for sure!
I'm more of a warts and all kinda person and like to hear a really balanced view both good practice and uplifting case studies but also I've found there's real value and balance in hearing where things have gone not so well and with Carers and services users around the table it could have been a great listening and learning experience for all, now that been said, it was still a worthwhile event!
People did share their experience and sometimes it is good to hear about where things are working well and services are delivering and helping people.
It's so important Carers and Service Users continue to be involved in every aspect of our services from planning and procurement to finance, provision and especially review! In most cases, we know what is working and how with a little bit of a tweak it could be made better too!

Health and Social Care affects and is for everyone - sometimes you just don't know that yet! An accident or illness is all it takes and then you need to find out pretty quickly just how good your local services are so if you get a chance to influence those who really can change things...grab it! I truly believe it's only by working together we can change things for the better for everyone!

Keep strong my friends as will I,
Maz x

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