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Monday, 21 April 2014

Carers and Sunshiney days...

Hi guys and...Happy Easter!
Hope you got...a chocolate egg, a wee plant or a present with a big bow or...whatever your passion is! lol
I'm so pleased as it's been a sunshine-y day - in fact it's been a sunshine-y weekend...woo hoo!
I love it, I've been pottering around in the garden and planting stuff! lol
Everything always seems that little bit brighter and easier when the sun pays a visit, don't you think? I honestly feel grey days make for greyer moods too so I'm enjoying the wee bit brightness while it lasts.

I managed to get out today!
A wee while with my wee Carer group. There's usually between twelve and fifteen of us and it really is a great support.
We're all Carers and at varying stages of our Carer journey, some (like me!), have been caring for many years, some are still new and things are raw and confusing and some are struggling with the loss of a loved one or the daunting prospect of residential care decisions on the horizon.
All so very different but all with a common bond - Caring!
I guess you can see why I feel so strongly about the benefits of good community groups. They are so very important and can be vital, especially for Carers. I'd be so very lost without the other Three Towns Carers now - we're a wee family of sorts! lol

If you are caring and struggling along on your own, reach out, try and find a wee local group - we are out there - honestly!
Maz x


Jayne Egan said...

I wish I could get to my local carers group someitmes but its in an out of the way place. Im treading on egg shells this week with Hubby as he isnt too good physically or mentally. Hopefully he will wake up one day soon feeling better. Hope Coo's seizures have slowed a little and you are feeling better xx

Maz said...

Hi there, afraid not - rain clouds are back and so are the chest infections - we're back in antibio-land again!
Sending wee (((hugs))) out to you, stay strong my friend.
Maz x