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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Caring, Harping, Strategies & ATOS...

Hi guys, after all the rushing about last week, it's been so quiet here the last few days!

Coo's been poorly again so we've been mostly at home and after all the busy-ness of last week that's probably not a bad thing and it's given me time to catch my breath, regroup and chill for a bit! I did manage to get out to my wee Carer meeting on Monday though!
 Looby came to keep Coo company and I headed out for a wee chat and a cuppa with my 3 Towns Carers.
It's always good to spend time with other Carers no matter how tired you are!
It gives me a wee bit of a boost being with others who know how it really is, they don't judge but they do offer solutions and a bit of laugh along the way too!

While I've been home, I've taken some time out harping!
I tend to reach for my harp when I'm feeling a bit tired or even a bit over-whelmed and need a wee boost and it usually does the trick!
I  love music and I think it's therapeutic but who knows, all I can say sure works for me!

Carers Advisory Group...

I'm busy with a new group later this week.
It's with my Local Authority, NHS and other partners and I agreed to be part of this one as their Carer Strategy is a good one and I really feel having experienced Carers involved from the off, is the best way to ensure everything offered in the new Strategy is actually delivered!


With Coo being poorly, sadly, I didn't make it up to Glasgow this week for the latest Demo. against ATOS Healthcare.
This company has cost us (and many other families with disabilities!) many a sleepless night! We stressed majorly over their fiasco surrounding Coo's on and off need to travel for assessment with them. One minute he was to go and another it was not necessary, they just couldn't make their mind up. In the end it got sorted but not without a lot of stress, worry and anxiety and those are words this company seems to generate on a national scale!
I've met news that ATOS want an early exit from their  DWP work capability assessments contract, with mixed emotions. 
Who knows, maybe another company will do better but let's be clear ATOS are not the only ones to blame for this fiasco - DWP's flawed policy is the real villain of the piece and I'm afraid that battle is very far from over!

We live to fight another day!
Stay strong my friends,
Maz x

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