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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A really busy week, awards and awards...

Hi guys, what a busy-bumble-bee-week I've had!

Award 1...

I got filmed today in support of CareNA
Do you remember I posted about a new community portal I'd been working on with my Local Authority? There's details here...

It's up for an award and a COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) award at that!

I'm really pleased CareNA has been highlighted as it's a great resource, especially for Carers! It's really a-one-stop-information-shop with all the information you need, from Personalisation, SDS (Self Directed Support) and help in a crisis, to community groups and events in our area!

CareNA is already making life that wee bit easier for our local Carers and I'm so happy I had the chance to help shape this vital community resource!

Award 2 - The Provost Civic Awards...
I blogged here about my wee 3 Towns Carer Group being nominated for the Provost Civic Awards, we're nominated in the Community Group section and I have news - we're in the final!

The 3 Towns Carers are a wee band of local Carers who manage to support one another and navigate a way through the minefield that is caring. The key strength really, is the support and love freely shared with one another through all the stages caring brings.
From the shell-shock at the beginning, when everything's raw and new, through all the trials and triumphs of finding services and support, to the sadness and trauma when caring comes to an end.
We are just there for one another.
It truly is a real caring family!

I guess you could's been a busy and successful week!
 My granny always said it's a good life if you don't weary so  here's to not wearying!
Keep strong guys,
Maz x

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