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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Carers, Flu jabs and the Neuro too...

Hi guys, How have things been this week?
Well, Coo was doing ok!
His temperature stayed down and despite a wee sniffle he felt on the up so...

This week, we did in fact get our flu-jabs done! While this usually means a few days at home and an increase in seizures for Coo, it also means we can hopefully, avoid nastier complications further down the line! For him, Flu usually means a major crisis and a prolonged admission to hospital.
In our case flu jabs are not an option...they're a must!

It's been all go here, we had a visit to Coo's Neurologist this week too! He's a real nice guy and always listens so Coo feels comfortable raising any issues with him.
Anyways, we've been concerned over the last few months as Coo's had a lot of muscle and joint pain. He has pain due to all the limb jerking during seizures...fair enough and he uses a muscular pain relief but he's been in a lot of pain lately so he decided to speak to the Neuro, just see what his thoughts, (if any) were, on the subject. Turns out he had a lot of thoughts and all drug related!

Long term drug therapy, especially poly-therapy, is not much good for anyone really and Coo's been on AED's (Anti Epilepsy Drugs), for over thirty years. It seems, amongst the many side effects of his meds are Osteoporosis and bone density problems! This may well be contributing to his current pain levels so I guess we have, yet something else, that now needs checking - with a bit of luck it'll only need a blood test!
I often quote...

'We are all in the same boat so we each must take turns to paddle!' 

I'm paddling hard for the moment but it's sure nice when someone else lends a hand at the oars!

Stay strong and keep paddling your boat!
Maz x


Ginny said...

Hi Maz, Im a carer too for my Hubby, John. We spend a lot of time in the house as he only sleeps in dribs and drabs. Medication is a minefield isnt it? We have 4 hospitals and many doctors but only the pain clinic controls his meds and his Doc there is fab and we can discuss anything we want with no rush. I actually have a few hours off today so am going for a walk when the postman has been. hugs Vix

Maz said...

Hi there, thanks for popping by! It's so very difficult with meds isn't it? Sometimes you feel like it's one step back and forwards and kinda treading water!
Keep hanging on in there (as we are too!)
Enjoy your walk
Maz x